Sarah Christianson

Barn, Christianson Farm, 2007
Barn, Christianson Farm, 2007


This book is dedicated to my family: for supporting me, humoring me, and allowing me to document our story. A number of people contributed directly toward its publishing. I would like to thank: Jens Tkotz, Donald Webster and Mary Ann Baik, Margaret Christianson, Richard Norgard, RayKo Photo, Central Valley Bean Coop (Gary Fuglesten Manager), Kristen Peters and Christopher Webster, Paul Armstrong, Chad and Allison Norgard, Jay Tyrrell, Jeris Sunneberg, Ann Jastrab, Steve Brindmore, Chandler O'Leary, Kate Jordahl, Stephanie Hanson, Jessica Spring, Jeff Ma, Reade Adams, Andy Freeberg, Nicole Christianson, Brad and Shelley Christianson, Gail Mooney, Catherine Wagner, Jessica Hayes, Karen Gallagher-Iverson, Sabina Fowler, Mary Celojko, Norma Schultz, Darrell and Deloris Lilleberg, Mary Ann Boeddeker, ReNae Motl, Donald Clark, Erika Gentry, Lesley Louden, Michael and Susan O'Leary, Kristen Peterson, Tracy Longley-Cook, Caroline Houdek, Bob Mazawa, Morea Steinhauer, Byron Wolfe, Luis Vassallo, Michael Jang, Ardie Dunlap, Amanda Boe, Nathan Christianson, David Madson, Rebecca Wilson, Dona Schwartz, Dani Kasprzak, Chuck Mobley, Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, Barbara Watson, Renee Gran, Mark Sterne, Corey George, Lisa Keathly, Zach Johnson, Mavis Baglien, Florian Lemoine, and Larissa Archer.

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